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Price List as of
African Grey Congo Parrot $3200.00
Alexandrine Parakeet $599.00 - $999.00
Bourke Parakeet  (normal)
Bourke Parakeet  (pink or rosey)
Button Quail (normal)
Button Quail  (white-silver-black)
Coturnix Quail $25.00
Canary male or female
Cockatiel  (all colors)
Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Dove Diamond  (blue-white tail-red) $55.00 +
Dove Ringneck  (all colors) $55.00
English Budgie  (all colors) $149.00
Green Cheek Conure  (normal)
Green Cheek Conure  (cinnamon)
Green Cheek Conure   (pineapple or turquoise) $429.00
Greenwing Macaw
Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (green)
Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (silver)
Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (lutino/yellow or white) $649.00
Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (blue or turquoise)
Indian Ringneck Parakeet  (white headed Blue lacewing or violet)
Lovebird - Peachface  (all colors)
Lovebird - Mask blue  (dilute)
Lovebird - Mask  (albino)
Lovebird - Fischer  (normal-mauve-violet)
$149.00 - $159.00
Meyers Poicephalus $650.00
Quaker Parrot (green) $399.00
Rosella Parakeet $249.00
Senegal Poicephalus $750.00
Sun Conure
White Fronted Amazon $750.00

By Appointment only