Feather, Quarter Horse Mare

Feather (Featherme TopHancock)

is a old Quarter Horse Mare. She is Blue Roan in color. Her markings include: Vertical star whorl to left above eye level. Right hind coronet with partial white.


Feather is a a filly that enjoys flittering around the pasture, looking for things to occupy her mind. A friendly and quick learning girl, she'll steal your heart. She has experience leading and moving away from pressure and having her feet done since she was 2 months old.

The video below is of Feather's First Ride.


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Registration information

Featherme TopHancock, 05/31/2008 Blue Roan Mare #5132036
  • Topsail Cee Sonic
  • Cee Cutters Suprise
  • Shestwotimestotivio
  • Topsail Cody
  • Cee Cutters Missie
  • Right On Poco
  • Tivios Fancy


  • Hancocks Grulla Girl
  • Jaybird Hancock
  • Abigail Eire
  • Revue Hancock
  • Miss Punky Hancock
  • Buck KYD
  • Kigorrah Eire

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