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Andersen Acres is a Natural Horsemanship boarding and training facility located near Keenesburg, CO or about 30 miles northeast of Denver. Starting out as a hobby of training horses Travis and Andrea Andersen decided to devote more time to educating, schooling, and training horses and people together. So in January of 2003 the LLC was established to give devoted people a place to keep their horse and learn how to train in natural horsemanship methods.

We moved to 80 acres of land in 2003 and have been building the facilities from the ground up. Safety is a main concern for the horses so most all fencing is 6 foot high and consists of rope that has electric filaments in it. The material is similar in nature to what "Electro-Braid"® is made out of.

The barn is steel with wooden kick panels. Each stall consists of 6 foot high round tube panels to allow the horses to see each other. The horses are also allowed to come and go in the barn as they please and to mingle so that they can continue to learn from each other even when we are not around.

The indoor arena is made from Cover-All ®. The best benefit out of this type of indoor arena is that it is bright, airy, and resilient. It is the first Cover-All ® indoor arena in Weld county Colorado.

Other than learning by observation and acting like a horse, We have studied techniques used by other natural horsemen and women and incorporated what we believe are the best traits of all into what we termed "Human & Equine Learning Principles" or H.E.L.P.

Other than horses we have a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and fish.

If you have questions about training your horse feel free to contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to help.

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