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2010 New Educational Tools

Great news!  We will be adding a some new tools to help you improve your horsemanship knowledge and skills along with an additional service to help your horse. 

Personalized Lesson Summary - You can now get a personalized summary of your or your horses lesson that will mention things that were done well along with things that can use improvement.  Included will be some suggestions for what the next steps you and your horse could do next.  This summary will be available via the Andersen Acres website.  To see an example please go to the Assistance page, click on Blog. Let us know prior to your lesson that you'd like a summary and for $10 per entry we'll post a blog expressly for you.  Use the blog to help you keep track of you and your horses progress and monitor what was done and what things your or your horse can do to help improve.

Personal Video Lesson - If you like audio and visual information and want to increase your retention rate then take advantage of another tool that we will be providing.  We will make available a video of your horses lesson.  You'll get candid excerpts of your or your horses lesson that you can review at any time.  You'll be able to see how cues are applied along with how timing of them can make a difference in your and your horses understanding.  Your video footage will be from a manned camera so that no matter where your lesson takes you, you'll have footage that grabs the essence of the lesson.  Video footage is $20 extra and we need to know a day in advance that you'd like the lesson recorded.

Lesson Horses - Is your confidence lacking?  Do you want to excel your understanding?  Does your horseback riding need a boost?  Select Andersen Acres horses are now available for lessons.  For only $10 per session or Natural Horse H.E.L.P. workshop you can use one of Andersen Acres select horses.

Extracurricular Activities for your horse - We know some are unable to spend time with their horse as often as they would like. This can allow your horse to be too idle and then when you are ready to ride you have to spend time bringing you and your horse into the right mind set for riding. We are now offering a service that will keep your horses skills tuned up and may even improve upon them. Your horse can get 4 one hour sessions of riding/training a month. One session a week. This service will allow you to feel more at ease when you come out and ride for you'll know your horse has been getting practice. It will also improve your horses athletic and mental abilities while giving him more experience. The cost for this extra activity for boarders is $125 a month. Just let us know you would like your horse to be enrolled at the beginning of the month and your horse will get the extra time each week.

We are excited to offer you these additional learning methods to you beginning in 2010.

Thank you

Travis Andersen